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I think (right now) that the stupidest thing to do is to try to play the mediator between two people who have trust issues..

And yes..that’s me today..

She haven’t listened to him..he got hurt..then instead of acting like adults..those idiots were like..since I’m feeling bad,the other one should be feeling the same..(ignore my Grammer)

So it went on..and today he called me and told me the whole story.. since I love my friends even if they are acting like idiots,I agreed to talk to her.

So after all the crying, they decided that he will drink it off till it doesn’t hurt anymore (that means till his liver gets damaged) and she will cry till her eyes fall off..

The thing is I’m feeling bad for everything that is happening.. that I can’t get them to see that they love each other..

Urggh..why feelings are so complicated???

So yes..now I’m sitting here feeling bad and not knowing what to do..

What do I do now?

I miss u too..

Hello everyone…

I know I have been absent for so many days..but during this time I made something with my life and got settled in a good job..which I like to do❣️

But the one thing I don’t like abt this is I need to travel across three states to work…I miss my family..I miss my frnds..I miss the food..I miss the sun..I miss everything I almost took for granted when I was there..

Today early morning I got a text from one of my frnd saying that she miss me…

The thing is that we were close almost three years back but we drifted apart. But she says she missed the feeling that I will be there in a minute if she needs me for anything..

We all have those frnds right?..the ones to whom we don’t talk as much as before but we know that if we need anything they will support us and will be there for us??..

So what I want to say is…even if you are busy or have some work..take some time out of your hectic schedule to appreciate what you have…

So many people out there are wishing for what you have for today..even if you get so much used to something that u didn’t realize that u have had it till u don’t..don’t forget that life is full of good things..

So many good things..we just have to wait for the right time..

Please guys..do me a favor and tell everyone you love that you love them and miss them..

Don’t wait for the other person to initiate this…life is too short for waiting..trust me..

I love you darling..ND I miss u too❀️😘

The right thing..

It is never too late to make things right.. sometimes when we are doing something we get a feeling that we are not doing the right thing or we are not doing it properly..it may end badly..

There is no use feeling ‘i shouldn’t have done this’.. because what’s done is done..there’s no changing it…

What we should do is to think how to make a right thing to reduce the bad effect..we are humans..we make mistakes..but it’s never enough to just being a human..we should be a good one to see the good world..

The best part here is we have as many chances we are willing to take to make the right thing..and the sad part is many of us are not ready to take them..because they fear consequences..

Take chances..they are there for us..if not,someone will make use of them..no one is forcing you to make the right thing the first time..take your time..take as many chances you need..but the result should be the right thing..

It’s never too late.. remember that..❀️

It takes courage..

Courage is the key to complete what we have to do in order to make our life good,to do what we want,to live our life the way we want to,not in a way others wants us to..

Courage comes from within.. sometimes someone got to motivate us to go get it..and sometimes there will be no one for us but ourselves..

It may take some of us some time to gather the courage..but it will always be there..inside of us..

It is useless even if we have talent if we don’t have the courage to show it..make use of what you have got.. don’t let it waste just because you don’t have enough guts..make your life better..

One’s life may expand or shrink depending on their ability to work beside or even better work with their fear..

Courage is not the strength to work when we don’t have any problems..it’s the ability to stop the fear taking control of the situation..

It doesn’t mean that we will get succeed in everything it takes courage to complete..we may fail sometimes..

What matters here is that we have successfully got the hell out of the fear..there are many chances dear..the thing is we must initiate first..

Spread the happyness..it reflects..πŸ’•

We will loose nothing if we make a child happy..it will light up the room

We will loose nothing if we help an old man to cross the road.. he will bless u heartfully

We will loose nothing if we share a small part of what we are eating with the beggers..they will be happy for a long time..

We will loose nothing if we encourage someone to do something..they will remember you for a life time..

We will loose nothing if we help a homeless child study.. he will be ready to do anything for you..

We will loose nothing if we say someone that they are doing good..it will give them strength to complete it..

There are so many ways to do something good in our life..many of us will think that they don’t have time to do these sort of things..

But trust me..try once..at least once to make others happy..even if you haven’t met them before..you will be happy and satisfied with yourself the whole day..

It’s a wonderful feeling that someone is happy because of you..

Don’t expect anything..because in a way we are doing this for our self satisfaction..



Thank you so much for the love and support guys..when I started blogging I never thought I could reach to this in such a short time..

U are the best guys..I need no motivation to write good..I just have to think that whatever I write here will reach to more than 100 people and I will be Soo happy even one of them find it useful..

The best surprise I got after waking up..total tally 105..

Love u all..(I’m so happyyyyyyyy)πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜„

Be stubborn about your goals..πŸ•ΆοΈ

Tell me what you do to succeed in anything you do?..

For me..I will keep trying and trying and trying until I get what I want..

They may call you stubborn while you are trying..but u will get what u want..

We can beat someone having talent by working hard..we can beat someone who works hard by using talent..

But no one can beat a person who never gives up..he will definitely reach his goal..

Don’t let anyone cross u or stop u from getting anything u want..no one is there to make your life better..

U r the
 hero of ur life..u should rule it..

Be stubborn.. stay on top..😎