Everyone does mistakes..if you are not making any mistake at least once then you are not trying enough for perfection..

Mistakes are the key points in our life from which we learn..we may fail once,twice..but we will never do the same mistake again..it doesn’t matter how many times..it matters that we are learning and we are working hard..

There is no certain age to make mistakes..from a small child to a grandma.. everyone are free to learn..

Make mistakes..but make sure that you learn from them..if not, you are wasting precious time of your wonderful life..it comes only once honey..

Make sure that a smile will come onto your face whenever you look back to your life..love the way you live..

Don’t stop to look at the clock..do what it does..keep going darling..we all will succeed..that is the most important thing..


Author: some.unheard.thoughts

The best of me is yet to come😎

37 thoughts on “Mistakes..”

  1. As a teacher I like to give pretests in the hopes that if students saw what they do not know, they would be more willing to listen. Students hates them because they saw them as pointing out their mistakes. You are right. If you learns anything new he will make mistakes on the way. No mistakes equals no progress even for the brilliant.

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