Spread the happyness..it reflects..πŸ’•

We will loose nothing if we make a child happy..it will light up the room

We will loose nothing if we help an old man to cross the road.. he will bless u heartfully

We will loose nothing if we share a small part of what we are eating with the beggers..they will be happy for a long time..

We will loose nothing if we encourage someone to do something..they will remember you for a life time..

We will loose nothing if we help a homeless child study.. he will be ready to do anything for you..

We will loose nothing if we say someone that they are doing good..it will give them strength to complete it..

There are so many ways to do something good in our life..many of us will think that they don’t have time to do these sort of things..

But trust me..try once..at least once to make others happy..even if you haven’t met them before..you will be happy and satisfied with yourself the whole day..

It’s a wonderful feeling that someone is happy because of you..

Don’t expect anything..because in a way we are doing this for our self satisfaction..



Author: some.unheard.thoughts

The best of me is yet to come😎

36 thoughts on “Spread the happyness..it reflects..πŸ’•”

  1. It’s important for self satifications but also for other souls as others. And if we are lucky enough the whole ‘pay it forward’ theory will sometimes happen. I wish humanity was more about helping each other than helping themselves, but truth is we live in a very selfish society so when I do something nice for someone or help them or see people helping each other out, they really bring a smile to my face and make my day.

    The worse excuse I have gotten from people when it comes to helping other people is not wanting to give money to the homeless cause oh they will just spend it on booze or drugs. I am like A. You could go into a cheap restaurant or food store and buy food to give them. B. Even if they did spend your money on things you may disagree with it made them smile for a night or two on the streets. If I was homeless I can’t say I’d have the same morals I have now or what have you. I am sure many of them would like to drink away their sorrows for a night. So the whole argument with me I have an issue with. Sure we may not want to encourage the bad habits, but like dude the person is homeless. What the heck would you do if you were in their shoes? If my money can buy a pack of beer or whatever for a person in need and that beer brings a smile to their face just for a night or makes it so they can get through one more day, than to me it’s worth it. Sorry the whole not wanting to help the homeless just grinds my gears because people always look for the negative or excuses to not want to help someone. Like that buy them food or give them something that can help them live on the street if you are so concerned about giving them money.

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    1. I have seen those type of people too..u are absolutely right..there are many other ways to help them if we don’t want to give money..we should just focus on that instead of not helping because they may buy booze.. thank you for sharing your thoughts..😊

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  2. Love this! This makes you think of going out side of your comfort zone and do something nice for someone else. And it doesn’t matter how small the gesture! What matters is that you did! Something nice to think about! Thank you for sharing!

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