The right thing..

It is never too late to make things right.. sometimes when we are doing something we get a feeling that we are not doing the right thing or we are not doing it may end badly..

There is no use feeling ‘i shouldn’t have done this’.. because what’s done is done..there’s no changing it…

What we should do is to think how to make a right thing to reduce the bad effect..we are humans..we make mistakes..but it’s never enough to just being a human..we should be a good one to see the good world..

The best part here is we have as many chances we are willing to take to make the right thing..and the sad part is many of us are not ready to take them..because they fear consequences..

Take chances..they are there for us..if not,someone will make use of one is forcing you to make the right thing the first time..take your time..take as many chances you need..but the result should be the right thing..

It’s never too late.. remember that..❀️


Author: some.unheard.thoughts

The best of me is yet to come😎

31 thoughts on “The right thing..”

    1. This post is for spreading good vibes..not the negative ones..and society is actually full of people who do good and as well as bad things..and it’s not too late for you to realize that..that’s what I have been trying to say to you in Facebook also..please consider..

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  1. It is true it is never too late, and we always get chances to make things right. Turn around and begin again. Every ending is another begining. Thanks for coming in and liking my blog. Much Love and Light from me πŸ™‚ ❀

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