Everyone knows that there is no life without Β love..many of us dont realize it till the time comes..but love will make most of our life beautiful and fun..

All Β of our life is made of love..our first love..momma..second ,third and so on will be our family and friends..many of us give our whole heart to our pets..

Someday someone will come into our life and we will love them so much and will be ready to give our rest of life to spend with him…to love him with our whole heart and see every corner of world by holding his make him remove his every solve his every problem..atleast help him to solve his do crazy things with behave like a child with him..

if we find the love of our life..then it will feel like we can bare anything if we have them..dont compromise for anything less..either we have to find our love of life..or we have to make our love to be our life..without that..there will be nothing left to enjoy completely..What-are-the-5-Love-Languages



yesterday I met someone..We talked for a long time . I think i got motivated by him because I am doing what he told me to do if i want a good change in my life..

I came to realise that i don’t believe in myself completely..I still care about what others think of me if I do something different. I think about what others say when I do something even if I know what I am doing is right.

He told me to not feel guilty if someone talks bad about the good thing you have done..Its the same as hiding yourself from the real you. You will shine if you don’t hide from anyone and especially form yourself..

If someone criticise you, there will be no change in your life if you change the way you think. Help anyone to the extent that you can. Don’t hold back because you are afraid of what others might think.

God told us to love others…not to impress them.

Man running fast to jump over precipice between two mountains. C


U left me.. πŸ’”

U r gone without looking back… 

U took my breath with you.. 

U burned all the words we shared.. 

I don’t know where to go now.. 

I thought you were the soul of me.. 

I just realized that u never thought that way.. 

I now know that you don’t love me.. 

But can’t ‘t you at least pity me and spare me from of this grief?? ..

I’m not able to fight this feeling.. 

Am I nothing to you all this time??.. 

I thought love is like beautiful rain.. 

I never for one second doubted that u will change it to the floods of my tears… 

I was so eager to give you my heart.. 

But I never realized u will left me hollow.. 

At least u left me no pieces of my heart to pick up and mend together.. 

Is it my fault that I thought you are my life??? πŸ’”

Be patient.. 😊

An elephant and a dog became pregnant at the same time.. 

After three months the dog gave birth to six puppies.. 🐢 

Six months later the dog Is pregnant again and nine months after gave birth to another ten puppies.. 

At eighteenth month the dog approached elephant and asked “are you sure you’re pregnant?? I have given birth three times to a dozen puppies.. They are now growing to become big dogs.. Yet you are still pregnant.. What’s going on?? ”

Then elephant replied, “I want you to understand something.. What I’m carrying is not a puppy.. It’s an elephant.. I carry it Inside me for two years.. When my baby hits the ground, the earth feels it.. Humans stop and admire when he crosses them.. What I carry draws attention.. It’s mighty. ”

Don’t lose faith when others get answers to their prayers .don’t be envious of others testimony. Say to yourself that “my time is coming.. When the result for my hard work and prayers hits the earth, people shall yield in admiration”….

Have faith….trust yourself 😊

Its boring today…

What will you do when you get bored? 

I love reading books.. So usually I read something according to my mood.. 

If I don’t want to read anything then I will watch some movies.. 

But today I don’t want to read, don’t want to watch movies , I don’t know what to do πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

I’m not interested to do anything.. Even music is boring today.. Aargh..u know what guys.. Even being bored is exhausting.. 

What happened to me today?.. So many thoughts are running through my mind.. I can’t concentrate on anything.. 

I just want to be alone..there is no reason to be this way.. I guess it’s one of my bad days. 😐

Anyone experienced this other than me??.. 


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Yeah.. I want to kill any girl who tries to flirt with my boyfriend.. 

U know what guys.. Some girls find the boys who are already in a relationship interesting.. I think they take it as a challenge to grab his attention off his girlfriend.. I seriously hate them.. But poor girls.. They don’t know how pathetic they look doing that.. 

Now coming to my baby.. He is seriously cute.. And funny.. So he easily charms everyone.. That doesn’t mean that every girl can flirt with him.. 

He smoothly rejects them.. But how can those b*tches flirt with him while knowing I’m his girl???? I don’t get it.. Urghh

Even if I have killed them thrice or more in my head, I have to smile and talk to them because Im not the type of girl who starts fights.. 

I think no girl likes it when some girl flirts with her bae.. Same goes with boys.. I know..

So b*tches..back off.. He is mine


Tell them to keep their unasked advice anywhere they wantπŸ˜‰

I don’t know why some people find it interesting to interfere in our life and they feel the need to give some advice to us to solve our problems. 

If they haven’t been in your place before in their life,then they can’t know what it feels like to deal with it. 

Since they don’t know what it feels like, they can’t give us any freaking advices to set our life

So people.. Don’t care about anyone giving u any advice on how to deal with your life..  Your life is yours.. You should deal with it.. Not the opinion of someone who is free enough to give unasked advice. 

If you trust the person enough to consider what they are saying then it’s OK.. But never.. I repeat.. Never let others advice ruin your life. …