Waiting for the reason why…Β 

I’m now in my sister’s house.. She has a daughter of six months.. It’s changing whether now so my little niece caught cold.. 😞..

                            I have seen her cry only when she is very hungry or it’s very hot.. But she is continuously crying now and it’s very hard to watch since I cant do anything to reduce her Pain.. 

Her cute face is red from crying.. I don’t know how to ease her pain.. She can’t tell anyone anything…

As I observe this now.. I think god made a small mistake.. We adults can endure pain..but little babies can’t.. So if they can speak and tell us what is causing their pain then we can easily do something for that.. But they can’t.. 

So they have to bear that pain and uneasiness until it is taken care of in a guessing sort of way..  So let’s think of it.. If they can speak.. That will be so much helpful for everyone.. 

I think there will be some sort of reason for why it is this way.. But I don’t know it.. So if anyone have any idea.. Please let me know guys.. 😊


New phase

  1. Hey there!.. As u can see.. I’m a dreamer(sort of)  and shy.. So I can’t share everything going on my mind.. So I need an outlet to share my bottled up thoughts.. πŸ’­so this.. I don’t have any followers right now.. But it’s OK because I created this just now and I don’t have any friends who blog.. So I’m alone now ND I have conf
    idence that I can find lovely friends here😊..so this is the start of a new phase in my life since I started to share my heart here.. Waiting for my friends /followers out there..πŸ˜‰